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Joey Reiman on Purpose in Business


Joey Reiman, BrightHouse Founder and CEO and author of THE STORY OF PURPOSE joins host Dana Barrett for a lively discussion about purpose at work.

They discuss some of the ideas in Joey’s book such as “the fruits are in the roots” which essentially means the best way to discover a company’s true purpose is to go back to its roots and understand what made it great in the first place.

Examples of companies who have tapped into their purpose and are seeing the rewards like  Delta, Lego and P&G are discussed but Joey notes that any size company and even individuals can benefit from applying the principals in the book and thinking about work in a different way.

How to make it in the New Hollywood – aka Atlanta!


Kelly Sorois, Devan Norton and Ian Hathway of joined me at the Midtown BusinessRadioX studios for a fun discussion of how building your online and social media presence can be the new “backdoor” to fame and fortune!  Or at least into getting a producers or casting directors attention!

Central Atlanta Progress & The Butler Street CDC

ymca_1920In this episode of Good Morning Atlanta, Dan Williams from Central Atlanta Progress and Frank Brown, the new Executive Director of the Butler Street Community Development Corporation (formerly the Butler Street Y) join Host Dana Barrett for an update on some major developments around Atlanta.

Topics include:

  • The selection of the south site for the new Falcons stadium.
  • The plans for the multi-modal passenger terminal.
  • Update on the Atlanta streetcar.
  • Plans for the Butler Street CDC, including their brand new partnership with Nike.
  • And much more!

Andrew Keenan and Charles Willi of Workshop 4

photo-4Workshop 4 Managing Director Andrew Keenan, and Creative Director Charles Willi join host Dana Barrett for a discussion of Brand-to-Brand Marketing and how companies should be looking at individuals as brands, i.e. more than just demographics.  They discuss the idea that companies used to see the only value proposition of their customers as their money.  In other words, cash was the only thing the customer brought to the relationship.  But now, they can bring so much more… evangelism, new ideas, honest feedback and more.

Of course the trio had to also spend a few minutes on the travesty that is the government shut down.

Tune in for a great episode!  And for more on Brand-to-Brand Marketing, go to

Every Woman Works!

ewwlogoMs. Tillie and Andrea Sharp from Every Woman Works, Inc. join Host Dana Barrett for a lively discussion about how and why women find themselves without jobs and sometimes without homes.  They talk not only about the information and services these women need to get back on their feet, but also the self-worth, empowerment and love needed to not only get them back on their feet, but also help them stay there.

Every Woman Works Inc. Learning Center is a non-threatening, supportive environment where women who are homeless, recovering from alcohol and drug dependency, in transition from the penal system, recovering from domestic violence, or living in poverty will have an opportunity to develop solid, transferable work skills, to strengthen their sense of self-confidence and to obtain financial independence.

Ms. Tillie and Andrea also shared information on their upcoming “Stars Dancing to Change Lives” event scheduled this Saturday October 5th at the Concourse Athletic Club.  Tickets for the event are still available and donations welcome.

Eric Holtzclaw of Laddering Works & Scott Sadler of Boardwalk Capital Management

Eric Holtzclaw and Scott Sadler join host Dana Barrett for an in-depth discussion of social investing, consumer behavior and Eric’s concept of Laddering.

Eric Holtzclaw is co-host of the weekly radio show The “Better You” Project, author of a weekly column, Lean Forward on, and the author of Laddering: Unlocking the Potential of Consumer Behavior.  He is also the Founder and CEO of Laddering Works, LLC, a marketing strategy firm.

Scott Sadler is the President of Boardwalk Capital Management,  an independent Registered Investment Advisor specializing in Sustainable and Responsible Investing.

Drew Marlar of Kutak Rock, LLP and Dan Williams from Central Atlanta Progress

Drew Marlar, a partner with the Kutak Rock firm joined Dan Williams from Central Atlanta Progress and Host Dana Barrett to talk about development around Atlanta and federal incentives in place to encourage developers to take on projects in “low income” neighborhoods.  He explained that these neighborhoods are not always what the label “low income” implies and noted that most of downtown Atlanta qualifies.  He also talked about the different incentives for small businesses vs individuals vs large companies.  If you’re thinking about investing in development, or are a developer of any size there is some great info in this interview!

World Trade Center Atlanta and Webpreneur Jason Swenk

41JLCP7QW3LToday’s edition of Good Morning Atlanta featured World Trade Center Atlanta’s President John Parkerson along with Webpreneur and author Jason Swenk.  Both gentleman are returning guests to the show and they both shared updates on their latest projects and programs.

John shared some of the changes at the World Trade Center Atlanta and some of the associations upcoming programming.  For more details on any of the events John discussed on the show, go to

Jason updated us on the Goalvator App and shared his new free online webpreneur courses which focus on helping digital agencies.  The courses can be found on Jason’s website at    Jason also talked about his new book HOW TO BUILD A GREAT WEBSITE AND NOT GET SCREWED.

The book is free TODAY ONLY on Amazon… especially for listeners of the GMA show!!  Get yours today by clicking here!

Religion, Art and Meaningful Work


In today’s edition of Good Morning Atlanta, Host Dana Barrett hosts a panel discussion about finding meaningful work and purpose as well as attunement and the power of listening.   Each of the guests also discusses their current projects.  Guests featured are:

– Author Jeffrey Small talking about his new book The Jericho Deception

– Jennifer Schwartz talking about The Jennifer Schwartz Gallery and Crusade for Art

– and David Papa talking about his work as an Transformational Innovation Consultant and Coach with Blue Earth Network


Winners of Atlanta’s 101 Best & Brightest Places to Work

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 5.06.02 PM

Today’s episode featured some of this year’s winners from the Atlanta’s 101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For event.

Andrew Wells and Brent Collins from Daugherty Business Solutions, Tim Gordon with InfoMart, Nathan Feather from PrimeRevenue and Rashid Brown with Kingdom Fortunes Development Group joined in a panel discussion in and around what it takes to be a great place to work.

The group covered everything from resumes and hiring practices to salary negotiation, and retention and the conversation was both frank and forward thinking.  Whether you’re an employee frustrated by your experiences, or an employer who wants to improve your HR practices, this episode is not to be missed!