DanaHostHeadshot-NoBorder-Square-smallTune in for downtown Atlanta’s favorite morning talk show to hear a mid-week review of all the hot business news of the ATL.  From headlines to happenings (and not without hilarity), our GMA gives you the city of Atlanta’s business scene in an intelligent, engaging, and entertaining news context.  Good Morning Atlanta features frank discussion with prominent city, community and global commerce leaders, entrepreneurs and executives. Get the inside scoop on progress, politics and plans.  Meet visionary business leaders and listen weekly to learn about where to go, who to know and how the money flows in the city of Atlanta.

Join TV and radio personality Dana Barrett  Wednesdays at 10 for Good Morning Atlanta.

Our Featured Shows

Joey Reiman, BrightHouse Founder and CEO and author of THE STORY OF PURPOSE joins host Dana Barrett for a lively discussion about purpose at work. They discuss some of the ideas in Joey’s book such as “the fruits are in the roots” which essentially means the best way to discover a company’s true purpose is to go back … [more]

Kelly Sorois, Devan Norton and Ian Hathway of AtlantaHollywood.com joined me at the Midtown BusinessRadioX studios for a fun discussion of how building your online and social media presence can be the new “backdoor” to fame and fortune!  Or at least into getting a producers or casting directors attention! [more]

In this episode of Good Morning Atlanta, Dan Williams from Central Atlanta Progress and Frank Brown, the new Executive Director of the Butler Street Community Development Corporation (formerly the Butler Street Y) join Host Dana Barrett for an update on some major developments around Atlanta. Topics include: The selection of the south site for the … [more]

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